Welcome to My Graffiti Removal Guy, one of the best kept secrets in Detroit, Michigan.

Graffiti tag in Detroit, Michigan.

My Graffiti Removal Guy is a graffiti removal service in Detroit, Michigan. With graffiti being such a problem in the Metro Detroit area, more building restoration companies have started to try offering graffiti removal. The problem with this is it takes experience to remove graffiti without damaging the surface. When you rely on companies who lack experience, the surface may be etched or stained by the methods they use.

Here at My Graffiti Removal Guy, we only specialize in graffiti removal and graffiti prevention. My Guy offers an environmentally safe, quick, and effective graffiti removal process. You’ll never have to worry about graffiti remaining, paying too much, or the surface being damaged when you use our service. Our experience allows us to get the job done right the first time at a reasonable price. My Guy always comes out and does a small sample area, allowing you to see the results in 15 minutes. No more wondering if you made the right choice when you can see results yourself before making any commitment.

My Graffiti Removal Guy also provides recommendations to all of our clients to help reduce, and possibly eliminate their graffiti problem. Repetitive graffiti removals can get costly over time, and you also risk the surface being etched or discolored with harsh, repetitive techniques used for removal. Following our recommendations will lower your graffiti removal costs and protect your building for years to come. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Benjamin Franklin

Spray painted bridge in Michigan.

What type of graffiti do we remove?

Felt pens
Permanent markers (which have left a stain)

What surfaces can we remove graffiti from?

Brick, Block, Stone, Concrete and any other masonry.
Street signs
Painted metal
Historic and sensitive buildings

We also offer a Anti-Graffiti Coating.

Degrading Anti-Graffiti Coating.

Dealing with reoccurring graffiti can get expensive. Not to mention the repetitive toll removals take on your property's surface, which causes the graffiti to become harder to remove over time. In situations like this, My Graffiti Removal Guy recommends having all graffiti prone areas treated with an anti-graffiti coating. Anti-graffiti coatings work by creating a protective barrier that paint cannot adhere. Generally, there are only two types of anti-graffiti coatings, permanent and sacrificial.

 Most sacrificial coatings are a transparent polymer, such as wax. With sacrificial coatings, you can remove the graffiti as well as the coating without the risk of damage to the building's surface. We can remove the graffiti and the coating using hot pressurized water. 
Here at My Graffiti Removal Guy, we use a sacrificial coating to treat graffiti prone areas. Our anti-graffiti coating will protect your property's surface from graffiti for up to seven years. The coating allows My Graffiti Removal Guy to remove future graffiti with techniques that are safer on your property's facade. (Hot pressurized water.) If your protected surface gets tagged, you can call My Graffiti Removal Guy within 72 hours, and you'll save 40% the total cost of removal and re-protection.

Permanent coatings can degrade causing the surface to turn cloudy.