Robert Sheppard, Owner of My Graffiti Removal Guy.

My Graffiti Removal Guy was started in April, 2013 by Robert Sheppard, after moving to Michigan from Columbus, Ohio in December, 2012. In Columbus, Robert worked for a very well-known masonry restoration company for 10 years. During his time there he learned to become very efficient and reliable in building restoration.


 In early 2011 he sparked the idea of starting a masonry restoration company with a childhood friend. This was a scary step for them both, neither having experienced the business side of things. But after countless hours of studying, they opened Appreciated Exterior in March, 2012. By the end of April, they had received quite a few phone calls and landed several jobs. Things were going better than they expected for the first couple months in business. In the middle of May, Robert got some unfortunate news; his two year old son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This had a serious effect on him and his family. After getting the bad news, the two friends decided to stop accepting new calls for business at Appreciated Exterior. They agreed it would be best for Robert to not be under any added pressure of trying to run a new business, so they closed Appreciated Exterior.


In the beginning October 2012 Robert’s wife received some great news, she got a job with the VA Healthcare System in Ann Arbor. The family packed up and moved to Michigan, the beginning of December, 2012 for a fresh start. Robert still had the dream of having his own company, but without knowing anybody within 150 miles, trustworthy and knowledgeable enough in masonry restoration, he made the choice to start a service he could handle by himself. Robert looked at all his options, and experiences with exterior restoration. He then realized that graffiti removal would be prefect for his situation. Graffiti removal would give him more flexibility with his hours, which would be a great help with his son’s therapy.

Robert started My Graffiti Removal Guy in April, 2013. His goal for his service is to be the most respectful, and efficient graffiti removal specialist you'll ever deal with. His service only uses environmentally safe graffiti removal products. Quick and courteous service is what you'll get from Robert, every time. Use Robert’s service one time, and he’s sure you'll always refer to him as “My Graffiti Removal Guy”.