Siding Stain Removal

Have you ever run your fingers along old aluminum siding or gutters? Notice that powdery film? That's what we call oxidation and over time rainwater will transfer that oxidation on to your home's brick/masonry leaving it with a chalky appearance. Usually, by the time you've noticed it the stains have become so deeply impregnated in the surface professional cleaning is a requirement.

My Graffiti Removal Guy, one of the area's most trusted graffiti removal experts is now offering siding stain removal too. A lot like removing graffiti, siding stain removal requires individuals to be experienced with cleaning masonry surfaces to avoid excess damage. As you can see in the video below My Graffiti Removal Guy has the experience to remove siding stains from brick with virtually no damage.

Typically, since most houses in a neighborhood are built about the same My Graffiti Removal Guy offers 10% off to you and a neighbor of your choice if you schedule your siding stain removal together. Give My Graffiti Removal Guy a call today to receive your free quote.